Algeria is a country located in North Africa that is also the largest nation on the continent. The country’s geographic location is similar to many of its neighbors, but it has a unique cultural and political history.

It’s also a budget-friendly destination that travelers can explore without breaking the bank.

In Algeria, you will find an array of natural beauty all around you with different terrains.
The country boasts splendid diversity of landscape that constitutes of Sahara desert in the south and beaches in the north.

In addition, there are mountains where you can go for an excellent hike during the summer and skiing during the winter.

What lures more tourists to visit Algeria besides its landscapes is its seven world heritage sites.

Algeria is a safe country to visit as long as you avoid traveling near its neighboring countries. As a result, Algeria is a great destination to visit in Africa.


Algeria was called “French Algeria” from 1830 to 1962 as France ruled them. You will see French influence as you stroll around in this city.

The country had a bad reputation in the tourism sector as they targeted foreigners during the civil war. Plus, many armed terrorist groups caused problems in the country.

Thankfully, everything is now settled, and it is safe for foreigners to travel the country.


Tunisia and Libya border Algeria to the east, whereas Niger, Mali, and Mauritania border the country to the south, Morocco and Western Sahara to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.

Being the largest country in Africa, it is also the tenth-largest country in the world.

It is divided into two geographic regions: Tell in the northern and deserts in the southern region.

Tell region has the Mediterranean’s moderating influences and consists of Atlas Mountains.
The desert side also has several oases and consists of mineral resources like petroleum and natural gas.

Nature and Wildlife

Algeria’s vegetation is subject to seasonal aridity. As a result, only two percent of the country’s land is covered by forests. These forests consist of cork oak, holm oak, junipers, and valuable cedar that has been helping the country’s economy.

The Tell region in northern Algeria consists of aromatic, hard-leaved shrubs like laurel, rosemary, and thyme.

The southern side is also arid and is dominated by esparto grass.

You may think that there will be no wildlife in such an arid place, so it’s useless to expect to see many wild animals here. Worry not.

Algeria houses animals like Barbary deer, wild boars, Barbary macaques, and wild mouflons in its northern mountains.

You will also get to see gazelles, hyenas, jackals, and fennecs in the Sahara.

It is also an excellent place for bird watching, as many migratory birds pass through Algeria.


Language can be slightly a problem in Algeria. It has two official languages: Berber and Arabic.
French is also highly spoken by everyone.

If you don’t know any of these languages, stick to English. People can speak basic English. However, the signs and restaurant menus will all be in French.

Best time to visit Algeria

The perfect time to visit this Algeria is during March. However, October to November is also a great time to explore this country as the days are calm and clear.

You can also visit this country in mid-winter. However, the nights in the desert can be freezing.

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