Rwanda is an East African country that boasts breathtaking scenery and is renowned as the “land of a thousand hills.”

Rwanda is widely known for its volcano mountains, animals, and so on. However, traveling in the country is more than just trekking through the African jungle.

With a history of genocide, poverty, and conflict, Rwanda has gone through a lot. Yet, the country is healing, and we can give its credit to the people that call it their home.

With some of the best eco-tourism, world-class safaris, and stunning sights and scenery that can’t be matched, Rwanda really is a wonderland for any traveler.

The country has a pleasant climate, and its varied and hospitable population has an enjoyable sense of humor and is known for its hospitality.

Rwanda is a relatively small country, so it is easy to get around; however, there is a lack of public transport.

One of the top reasons people love traveling to Rwanda is for gorilla trekking. Rwanda has done a commendable job in protecting these animals.

This country is an excellent destination for safaris and trekking. In addition, it also has a heart-wrenching history that you should understand by visiting its Genocide Memorial.

Visitors will find a diverse, beautifully natural place that has been rare among African countries due to its thick and verdant forest cover and its unique landscapes of mountains, rivers, and lakes.


Rwanda is a small nation but has one of the highest population densities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Uganda borders Rwanda to the north whereas, Tanzania borders the country to the east, Burundi to the south, Lake Kivu, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west.

Most of the country’s lands feature mountain ranges that run on a north-south axis. The interior highlands of Rwanda comprises rolling hills and valleys.


Rwanda has mild temperatures that average to 21 degrees celsius all year round.

The volcanic regions in the northwest get heavy rainfalls and have lower average temperatures, whereas the interior highlands have warmer and drier temperatures.

The country has two rain seasons: one from February to May and another from October to December.

Best time to visit Rwanda

The best time to go to Rwanda is from June to September. These are great months to visit as the weather is dry, and you have a high chance of spotting mountain gorillas.

If you aim to track chimpanzees, visit the country during the rainy months of March to May.

Nature and Wildlife

It’s no doubt that Rwanda has immense wildlife. For example, it has Mediterranean vegetation on the shores of Lake Kivu whereas, the eastern frontier of the country has papyrus swamps.

The famous Virunga Mountains have dense bamboo forests where you will love hiking.

The volcano mountains house the country’s main attraction- the mountain gorilla. Go to the Parc National des Volcans to witness these majestic creatures yourself.

The Akagera National Park is also a great place to visit if you want to check out zebras, buffaloes, impalas, baboons, lions, and hippopotamuses. It also houses the rare species named the giant pangolin.


The major groups of this country are the Hutu and Tutsi. They cover more than four-fifths and one-seventh of the total population. Another major ethnic group is the Twa.

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