With less than 30 USD/day, from the Himalayan yogis to modern days shamans, travel to the five cheapest countries in Asia. It is a continent with ancient civilization. Being the largest continent of the world, Asia offers you a vibrant color of culture, art, history, wildlife, and landscapes.

From breathtaking hikes to a star full of the campground, Asia is a continent that has always confounded travelers for centuries.

Asia can be the best continent to visit with overall low prices for anyone with a tight budget. The tourism industry has developed widely, and there are plenty of options that keep costs attractive and affordable.

Nonetheless, don’t let money stop you from traveling. Traveling cheaply can be life-transforming and drastically build your social skills.

Apart from the visa fee, all you need to spend is 25-30 USD, at the most, to keep you amazed through your stay in any of these places.

Tips before packing for an exploration

Learn the basic culture and norms of the locality

Try to get information about the culture and norms of the region you are planning to visit. There are various cultural perspectives on the appropriate rules concerning physical contact between both similar and opposite genders.

For example, East Asians pressuring to eat or drink more can be an act of friendly behavior while insulting Western culture.

Being a traveler, you must learn to respect all that comes along your journey.

Check the weather and pack the right kind of clothes.

Knowing how to pack for your travel can be a life savior. Before flying, make sure you check the climate of that place for the dates you’re planning to visit.

It is always a win-win to carry a sleeping bag, even if you’re staying in hotels or reservations.

Learn the essential skill set to read a map

Mapreading is the most required skill set for anyone who is traveling.

You don’t need to be a pro; you just need to acquire the basic skill set to understand the basic features like; Highways, Pathways, the scale of the map.

Vaccines and medications

When you’re traveling to another continent, it is a must to check your medical condition and the transmittable diseases of the country.

Take vaccinations 4-6 weeks before your travel; it works more effectively. This will also ensure you plenty of time if there is another shot required.

World Health Organization recommends the following vaccines for everyone who is traveling.

  • Measles
  • Rubella
  • Mumps
  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis (whooping cough)
  • Poliomyelitis

Even when you’re in the same continent, make sure to go through the health news of the country; in that way, you won’t be prone to any of those.

Leave your passport

You might consider leaving a copy of your passport to the embassy and travel agency before you leave the country.

Just in case if you lose or get into any problem, this will make it easier for your country to reach you and assure your safety.

Consider making an electronic copy of your passport with you on your device or cellphone.

Learn simple phrases of the country

Language allows humans to connect. A simple ‘hello’ and ‘thank you can help you get close to the country’s locals. This will amuse them and will undoubtedly bound them to go the extra mile for help.

1. Cheapest countries in Asia: Nepal

cheapest country in Asia Nepal to live in

Nepal is a small country landlocked country between two giant nations, China and India. It is a country of rich, multi-ethnic, and multi-dimensional cultures.

Amidst the roof of the world lies a small landlocked country, Nepal. Roughly about 150,000 square kilometers, the country is a mix of culture influenced by China, India, and the West, but what’s impressive is it still has its root intact. The country offers terrain, hills, and the Himalayas enriched with diverse cultures and welcoming people.

The majority of Nepalese speak their national language, Nepali. However, some people only speak the local language, one amongst other 123 local languages.

Talking about language, if you can speak English, you won’t run into communication gaps as most populations learn English as the second language.

With over 90 peaks that lie above 7000 meters, Nepal is home to eight of the highest peaks in the world. It is a pilgrimage to those whose religion is Trekking.

The major trekking attractions in Nepal are Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, The Great Himalayan Trail.

With only 0.3% of Asia and .003% area of the Earth, Nepal provides shelter to 9% of the total bird found in the world. More than 850 species of birds are recorded in Nepal, among which 42 species are globally threatened.

Apart from the tallest point of earth, Nepal has a living goddess and a bird named spiny babbler, which can only be found in Nepal.

It is always safe and open to travel to Nepal, but if you’re trekking in the uphills or Himalayans, the best time would be from Mid-September to Mid-December. It is the time of autumn when the sky is clear with tantalizing mountain views, and the weather is moderate.

The average stay in Nepal will take 10 USD, and the food is quite cheap, costing around USD 2 to 3 at the most. You may find various local cuisine and a mix of western, Chinese, and Indian items.

Nepal is said to be the home of gods, with different culture and the religion practiced together. Nepal is the paragon of “Unity in diversity.”

From the sacred mountains to varieties of wildlife sanctuary and adventurous activities, embrace yourself to touch the feet of the sky and get enlightened in Nepal.

Obtaining Visa for Nepal

Arrival Visa in Nepal

Under the Department of Immigration Office, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), it offers you Visas on Arrivals.

You will need a passport and a passport-sized photo to fill an application form in the arrival hall.

There are three choices for the length of your stay.

A 15 day will cost 25USD, a 30-day visa will cost you 40USD, and a 90-day visa will cost you 100 USD. They have multiple Re-entry facilities.

Applying online

And for those who want to avoid queues and do it beforehand, you can apply for a tourist visa online in advance. In 2014, the Department of Immigration issued a site where you can apply within 15 days of your arrival in Nepal.

2. Cheapest countries in Asia: Vietnam

Cheapest places to visit in Asia to live in Vietnam

With hill-tribe villages and cultural complexities, Vietnam stands out for travelers who want indigenous culture and ancient craft. Approximately spread over 331,212 square kilometers covers tropical lowlands, rolling green hills, and densely forested mountains.

The country is shaped like the English alphabet “S” on the world map.

Bordering China, Lao, and Cambodia with a coastline lies in the eastern part of the Indochinese Peninsula.

The weather is split between the north and the south side and can vary significantly because of the country’s length.

The best time to visit Vietnam is in spring and autumn, when the temperature is more moderate and has less rainfall.

There can be snowing in the mountains in the far north, whilst the shores in the south enjoy 32 °C of sunshine. So, make sure your backpack correctly according to the region you will be staying in the most.

The country offers you the world’s largest natural cave,

best cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which is big enough for boats.

Vietnam is an agriculture-based country, the second-largest exporter of rice and coffee beans globally. If you are a food enthusiast and coffee lover, you must visit Vietnam.

The average stay in Vietnam may take up to 15 USD a night and 1.5-3 USD for a one-time meal. Vietnam can be an equally fun place to visit for both solo and group travelers.

You can either apply for your visa for Sri Lanka through the local embassy or upon your arrival. It will cost you 25 USD for a single entry and 50 USD multiple times. Remember that you need to pay in cash.

You can obtain a Vietnam visa in three ways.


The country implemented an e-visa system in early 2017. You’ll need a digital scan of your passport and a recent digital photo. There are many fake e-visa sites for Vietnam; ensure you’re on the official government site, ending with gov.vn

It will only be applicable for a tourist visiting Vietnam for less than 30-days and is only for a single entry visa.

This is the official site for the online Vietnam visa application.

Visa on Arrival

For a visa on arrival in Vietnam, you’ll need to apply online for an approval letter, which takes 3-5 working days. You’ll then receive an approval letter by email, which you need to print. You need to present the hard copy of the approval letter with two passport-sized photos and your passport and stamping fee of 25USD for a single entry and 50USD for multiple entries on your arrival.

The single entry price for a one-month stay is 18USD and 28 USD for a three-month stay. Multiple entries for one month are 23 USD, and three months are 43 USD.


For tourists applying through the local embassy, you will need a passport and a passport-sized photo. You need to download and fill out the online application form and submit it to the embassy.

Pay the money in cash, and receive the visa letter.

3. Cheapest countries in Asia: Sri Lanka

Cheapest places to visit in Asia to live in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island with endless beaches and flavourful food. From 2000 years old temples to innovative ways of fishing, this country offers you world-class sites at a cheap cost.

Being a tropical country, you can always expect rain at any time of the year in different parts of the country. However, the climate ranges dramatically from the central highland to the coastal belt.

It is preferable to visit the west and south sides of the country from December to March. April/May to September will be the best time of the year for the country’s east coast.

With endless miles of tea plantation and excellent hiking trails, the hilly part of the country offers you one of the most beautiful scenery.

The majority of the people practice Buddhism, followed by Hindusim, Muslims, and Christianity. The country has two official languages; Sinhala and Tamil.

The major attractions in SriLanka are Whale watching in Mirrisa, Yala

National Park with hundreds of elephants at a time.

Be amused by one of Asia’s oldest landscaped gardens in Sigiriya and 18 hot water springs within a village of y Wahawa in Padiyatalawa.

It is a welcoming country, yet situations can get bad if you show any Buddha prints, either on your skin (Buddha tattoo) or clothes.

Also, never take any picture with your back facing the Statue or temples of Buddha; this is considered very rude in the country.

Sri Lanka’s story, and lifestyle, and natural beauty are mysteriously attractive. Experience the foods of Srilanka ranging 2-3USD per meal. The average stay in Srilanka may take up to 12 USD a night in cheaper hotels.

Obtaining Srilanka visa

Srilanka visa procedure is 100% online and safe. It will issue Electronic Travel Authorization(ETA), costing you 35 USD that allows you to stay for 30 consecutive days. Follow the procedures on the site, http://www.eta.gov.lk, and secure your stay.

4. Cheapest countris in Asia: Indonesia

Cheapest places to visit in Asia to live in Indonesia

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is home to 17% of the total wildlife in the world, although it only covers 1.3% of the earth. It is an ethnically diverse country, with over 250 native ethnic groups, where Javanese is the largest ethnic group in the country.

The country offers a diverse landscape from chains of volcanos to tropical rainforest, every island with a unique blend of art, culture, customs, peoples, and food.

Indonesia is best explored during the dry season between May and September. You will get average hotels with 12-13USD/night and 2-3USD/ meal.

From dance and music performed every day throughout the city to one of the largest volcanic lakes, Indonesia is a country with many adventures.

Obtaining Indonesia Visa

Indonesia visa upon arrival

You will need a valid passport and a passport-sized photo to fill an application form on the arrival hall. Hold proof of onward and return flight and sufficient fund for your intended stay.

A single entry would cost you 50USD and 100 USD for multiple entries for a 30-day stay.

Indonesian E-visa

You can extend your visa on arrival for the next 30 days, but if you’re planning to stay longer than that, you’ll need to apply an application for a visa online. You can obtain the visa form at: http://www.imigrasi.go.id

5. Cheapest countries in Asia: Cambodia

Cheapest places to visit in Asia to live in Cambodia

Cambodia is a fascinating country with one of the largest freshwater lakes and most important archeological sites in Southeast Asia. It gives you one of the best experiences with the modern and ancient world collided within the same country.

It is a Buddhist country with a few Hindu, Muslims, and Christians living in harmony. The country is very welcoming, with people always smiling and ready for help.

The country excels in nitrogen balance in the agricultural industry and is among the biggest exporter of textiles.

From the tropical island to mountainous landscapes, Cambodia is an abundance of natural attractions and wildlife.

Cambodia is a great budget travel destination costing you 2-3USD per meal and 10-15USD per night stay in an average hotel.

Obtaining Visa in Cambodia

Arrival Visa

For most, visas for Cambodia can be obtained upon arrival at both Phnom and Siem Reap International airports.

You can obtain a permit for Cambodia through Cambodian Embassy or get an online e-Visa.

You will need a passport valid for at least six months from the expiry day and one recent passport-sized photo.

A one-month tourist visa costs US$20 on arrival. Easily extendable business visas are available for US$25. And if you overstay, it will cost you $5USD per day.

Cambodia E-visa

Cambodia eVisa costs US$7more tacked upon the usual arrival fee. Here is the official site for the official government: https://www.evisa.gov.kh/Default.aspx. It usually takes 3 days to get the approval letter to enter Cambodia.

So are you ready for the exploration of mystic sceneries and unfamiliar culture?

Travel to these top five cheapest countries in the Aisa, and get ready to be amazed, with almost 30-35 USD each day for every state.

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