Switzerland is a dream destination for many people worldwide, and knowing about which places to visit in Switzerland can be a daunting task, be it for a family vacation or a honeymoon trip.

The diversity of this landlocked and mountainous country has a unique essence and identity that starstruck every explorer.

Onward with its fame of being one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations, it is also popularly known for its fine cheeses, watchmaking industry, chocolate, scenery, and exceptional public transportation network.

The stunning alpine scenery and ancient villages make Switzerland’s charm harder to beat in terms of beauty. One of the most satisfying things about Switzerland is that its people care so much to put effort into protecting the environment.

So you see how Switzerland is a beautiful country that also works excellently in recycling waste materials, and it indeed has many great spots to visit.

However, sometimes the question arises: “Where are the best attractions I can see and do in Switzerland?”

So behold, we have curated a list of the Top 20 best places to visit in Switzerland. Read on to find out more.

1. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Swiss National Museum, Zurich

Places to Visit in Switzerland: Swiss National Museum, Switzerland

The Swiss National Museum, also known as Landesmuseum, is praised as one of the most significant establishments in Switzerland’s cultural history. It is a spot that is unmissable if you are traveling around the country.

The precise location of this beautiful museum is at the convergence of the Sihl and Nimmat rivers, alongside Park Platzspitz.

Through various permanent and temporary demonstrations, the museum has tons of information relating to various aspects of Switzerland’s history, culture, and art.

Furthermore, the museum contains multiple impressive paintings, photographs, and texts that take the guests into the journey of ancient times when Switzerland established itself as a federal state and how it is at present.

2. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Zermatt

Located in Southern Switzerland, Zermatt is a mountain resort municipality that offers everything an adventure lover can ask for.

Zermatt ranks as one of the highest skiing regions in Europe, with an area covering almost 400 kilometers. It is mainly popular during summertime.

When you are here, you can enjoy the Alpine views of the Matterhorn from the Sunnegga Viewpoint or summit Mount Breithorn.

Filled with hiking trails, Zermatt is heaven for mountaineers and trekkers looking to explore nature in the country. Moreover, Zermatt also offers other adventurous activities like paragliding and snowboarding.

3. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Bern

Places to Visit in Switzerland: bern, switzerland

Bern- the capital of Switzerland, is one of the most attractive places to visit, especially in the winter season. Its beautiful landscapes are a joy to witness through your eyes.

Besides the natural grandeur, Bern is also popularly known for its enthralling history. There are many exciting places to visit in Bern, like the Historical Museum, which chronicles the life of Albert Einstein, a medieval clock tower, the peaceful River Aare, and the 13th-century Französische Kirche (the French church).

Furthermore, Bern captivates everyone’s attention with its fashionable arcades, excellent eating and shopping places, world-class exhibits, and urban swimming pools.

It also emphasizes many cultural events like Jazz festivals, Buskers Festival, Gurtenfestival, and many more.

4. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is a banana-shaped lake that is explicitly situated in Zurich.

Zurich Lake depicts calmness as you feel a dramatic departure from the hustle and bustle of the city as you sit close to its peaceful waters. Indulge yourself on a boat trip filled with scenic background.

Tourists can also enjoy their quality time by exploring various eateries or taking a refreshing dip in the lake’s water. It is also a must-visit for a tremendous experience as one can enjoy water sports like surfing, water skiing, and paddling.

5. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Lake Thun

Places to Visit in Switzerland: Lake Thun, Switzerland

Cuddled between the two Bernese Oberland towns named Thun and Interlaken, Lake Thun is a stunning Alpine Lake that brims with deep blue water.

This naturally mesmerizing lake possesses a beautiful backdrop that is reflected thoroughly on its crystal-clear surface.

The banks of the lake are dotted with little medieval towns and Roman churches to heighten the charm of the lake. The nearby town named Thun houses a 12th-century castle owning beautiful Swiss architectural designs.

One can witness the beauty of the architecture from the middle of the lake while taking the most proposed cruising trip.

Besides cruising, one can also enjoy various sports like jet skiing, speed boating, swimming, hiking in the nearby Alps, and many other relative water sports available in the lake.

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Because of so many recreational options like these, Lake Thun is a favorite for many visiting tourists and locals.

6. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, considered one of the biggest lakes, is situated on the Western side of Europe and is shared between Switzerland and France.

Located on the north side of the Alps, the natural elegance of the lake and its surrounding area make it a hot tourist destination.

Lake Geneva is crescent moon-shaped and is home to different landscapes depending on where you are. If you come from the eastern side, you can experience the overwhelmingly beautiful view of the Alps, while on the northern side, you can enjoy vine-covered inclines with villages and castles.

The lake is also home to several wildlife species. You can see Red Kites fly majestically around the lake.

Lake Geneva is also famous for numerous water sports. You can enjoy various activities, from sailing, windsurfing, boating, and scuba diving.

7. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich

Places to Visit in Switzerland: Bahnhofstrasse

Bahnhofstrasse is a tiny and dignified street in Zurich, met with luxury fashion brands, Swiss chocolate shops, warm cafes, art galleries, and many more.

This downtown street of Zurich is well recognized as one of the most elite and expensive shopping avenues in Europe while also being ranked as the third most costly city on the worldwide ranking list.

Inspired by the 19th-century style and architecture, the street hardly produces any modern cast of buildings. People around tend to believe that keeping the authentic Victorian flavor alive attracts people from distant places, and anyone who visits indeed gets a visual treat.

Any compliment you give to these streets stands less, but one thing that is assured is that anyone who attends these streets will surely experience tremendous beauty. Whether people come here once or twice, the memorable taste, vibes, and energy will impact you for life.

8. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Zurich Zoo

Zoo Zurich is the perfect escape from exhausting urban life. Located in the Fountain quarter of Zurichberg in Switzerland, between the lush greenery of the tropical jungle, this zoo certainly has fascinating wildlife.

The zoo’s uprising reputation goes solely to the tropical species of more than 380 species. Amidst these animals lives the oldest resident of the zoo, Nigrita, the Galapagos giant turtle, who has survived for 73 years.

While touring the zoo, you must explore all of its sections, including ‘Lewa Savannah,’ the immense courtyard with rhinos, giraffes, and zebras.

Plus, the zoo has an aquarium with 70 species of fishes. It also houses Bactrian camels, domesticated yaks, cashmere goats, giant anteaters, and several other mammals and birds.

Upon visiting the zoo, it is vital not to miss visiting all these places, including the ‘Zoolino,’ to have a significant and cherishable adventure among the exotic wildlife gathered from worldwide.

9. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Basel Minster, Basel

Places to Visit in Switzerland: Basel Minster, Basel

Basel Minister is a must-visit attraction in Switzerland. It was formally built as a Catholic cathedral and had stunning Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

Sadly, it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1356. Later, it was rebuilt as a Protestant church.

Now it is one of the best tourist attractions that have an oomph of Basel’s cityscape. The red sandstone and colored roof tiles make it architecturally pleasing.

10. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Uetliberg

With a beautiful view of Zurich city and its lake, Uetliberg is one of the most incredible places to visit in Switzerland for an adventuresome vacation.

Uetliberg remains attractive as a hiking spot throughout the summer due to its high altitude. Tourists can also enjoy mountain biking in its vicinity.

Uetilberg is packed with a fog coating during winter. But don’t worry! The mountain offers numerous opportunities for sledding.

Later, those fascinated by the intriguing things of the planet can also enjoy their fanatics in Uetliberg by walking to the Felsenegg cableway in Adliswil. From here on, you will go on an astronomical hike to acquire knowledge about the solar system.

11. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis

As we dive into thousands of exhilarating tourist attractions and destinations in Switzerland, Mount Titlis stands out as one of the most distinguished alpine hill stations dwelling between Obwalden and Bern.

To reach the apex of Titlis, there are four steps you will need to cross: Gerschnialp, Trubsee, Stand, and Klein Titlis.

These places are famous for their immense beauty and engaging environment. In addition, there are several places where you can sit back and relax or engage in several fun-packed adventures available.

As you approach the top, you will get your greetings from the snow-swept mountain ranges and the enchanting beauty of the hill station. All these traits tend to make this mountain a perfect holiday destination.

Likewise, Mount Titlis attracts many ski lovers, particularly in the wintertime when the thick snow coats the sheer shoulders of the mountain.

Tourists fancy themselves engaging in several other activities in the wintertime like winter walking and snowshoeing. These kinds of activities are suitable for people of all ages.

Speaking of other adventures, biking, zip-lining, and riding scooters are also widely famous here as it encourage the thrill of cruising through the thick forest.

If you want your mountain excursion to be more thrilling and challenging, you can always choose to take the trails and hike around the mountain with your friends and family.

12. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is a little heaven of Lucerne situated in central Switzerland. It is regarded as one of the most incredible hiking destinations. The mountain is composed of many majestic peaks, out of which a peak named Tomlishorn stands the tallest.

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In addition, Pilatus is one of the most legendary places in Central Switzerland and is considered one of the most beautiful by the locals and visiting tourists.

During summertime, the “Golden Round Trip,” a popular path for tourists, involves:

  • Taking a bus back to Lucerne
  • Taking a boat across Lake Lucerne to a place named Alpnachstad
  • Proceeding upon the cogwheel railroad on the aerial cablecars and beautiful gondolas

Once you reach Mount Pilatus and look down, the most astonishing scenery with the views of the majestic Lake Lucerne amidst the Swiss Alps will greet you.

You can also gaze at the Swiss Alps from a viewpoint. Later, drop into one of the bars or restaurants to have a celebratory drink.

Additionally, you’ll also find a Dragon path at the peak of Mount Pilatus, where you will get information regarding hiking trails and viewing points.

13. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is a fascinating tourist spot in Switzerland that is famous for its dazzling scenery. The lake surrounds itself with a mountainous backdrop which in itself is a visual treat.

For those who fancy a quiet getaway from urban life, a vacation to Lake Lucerne will come as a peaceful break as you can enjoy a stay in the lovely resorts near it. Explore the lake by going on a boat trip.

Besides, there are also many historical and cultural sites you can visit in Lucerne. You can visit the KapellbrĂĽcke (Chapel Bridge) or go to the old town to see the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) and the St. Peter’s Chapel.

14. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Spalentor, Basel

Also named the Gate of Spleen, Spalentor is one of the three breathtaking city gates in the city of Basel. It was one of the remains of the city’s antiquity when the city was fortified during the 1400s.

In ancient times, the gate, Spalentor, was the main entry point for bringing essential supplies and requirements into the city.

Currently, it is a splendid tourist attraction that its explorers appreciate mainly due to its three figures, the Madonna and two prophets, which were made in the 15th century.

The time required to explore Spalentor entirely is around one to two hours. Visit this site to learn in-depth about this historical gate.

15. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Jungfraujoch


Jungfraujoch is one of the most famed European peaks that also houses the highest railway station in Europe. Jungfrau means the ‘top of the world’ due to this.

The train station at Jungfraujoch is located at the highest point in Europe, and you can only reach there by a cogwheel train. All these adventures make the journey a valuable and memorable one.

Located at 3,463 meters above sea level, visiting this site gives you a round of the Bernese Oberland.

While you are here, tour the Jungfrau line from the town and reach the Sphinx Observatory, one of the world’s highest cosmic watchtowers that offer sensational views and scenery.

You can also have fun by trying out plenty of adventurous sports such as skiing, sledding and, snowboarding.

16. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Mount Rigi

Also called the ‘Queen of Mountains,’ Mount Rigi is situated in Central Switzerland and is surrounded by three lakes. Exploring Mount Rigi will offer a unique experience.

You can reach Mount Rigi on a railway built on the mountain. Be prepared to enjoy a spectacular ride filled with green fields and forests. The place also offers beautiful views of Lake Lucerne, the Alps, and the lowlands of Switzerland.

The best part is, that you can explore Mount Rigi all year round.

You can also go hiking in its vicinity. Its trails will offer magnificent lookouts that will show you amazing views of the lakes.

Later you can relax at the mineral baths of the Rigi Kaltbad.

17. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Lion Monument, Lucerne

Lion Monument, Lucerne

Situated in Lucerne, Lion Monument was designed in the early 1800s to serve as a monument for mercenary soldiers of central Switzerland who passed away during the French Revolution.

Designed by Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen and sculpted by Lukas Ahorn, the monument was inaugurated in 1821 at a private property.

Over the years, the Lion Monument became one of the most notable tourist places to visit in Switzerland.

18. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Engelberg

Engelberg is a resort village located in a mountain valley that is precisely 25 km from Lake Lucerne. Its distinct natural appeal tends to attract travelers from across the globe, making it one of the best winter and summer holiday destinations located in Switzerland.

The village is built around a 12th-century Kloster Engelberg monastery.

Its utter closeness to Mount Titlis and Mount Hahnen makes this village resort one of the top destinations in the region for adventurous skiing. The village resort further offers free ride chances for ski enthusiasts.

Engelberg eventually became a place of heaven for hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, biking, and golfing.

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Hence, Engelberg is a fantastic holiday destination for adventure enthusiasts, groups of friends, and families.

19. Places to Visit in Switzerland: The Geneva Water Fountain, Geneva

Geneva’s most cherished tourist spot- the Geneva Water Fountain, commonly known as the Jet d’Eau is one of the tallest fountains in the world.

The Geneva Water Fountain was not designed at first to make it into a tourist attraction. Its creation as a water-powered plant during the 19th century was to meet the city’s rapidly increasing water demands and requirements.

Initially, a valve was built in the city to guarantee the release of maintained pressure, eventually leading to the birth of this beautiful place.

This iconic place is one of the first things you’ll notice on your plane as you fly into the airport in Geneva.

The water fountain sprays water about 140 meters into the air, making it one of the most noticeable traits.

20. Places to Visit in Switzerland: Hohematte Park, Interlaken

Hohematte Park is an open-space scenic area spread over 35 acres of land in the middle of Interlaken, Switzerland. Hohematte Park is one of the most relaxing tourist places in Interlaken. Let me tell you why.

If you are looking to spend time amidst the breathtaking natural beauty without leaving your zone of convenience, this park is the right place for you.

You can see the incredible scenery of the Swiss Alps and set yourself a fun picnic on a clear day. You can also watch the paragliders landing in the park.

You can sip your coffee in a small coffee shop and wait to catch your train or wander around taking pictures of the surrounding scenery.

Is Switzerland Safe to Travel?

Although Switzerland is rated as one of the “world’s safest countries,” crimes tend to occur at festivals and during the summer holiday season, which lies in July and August.

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Common crimes involve pickpocketing, bag snatching, and car theft.

As these are all worst-case scenarios and are unlikely to happen, visitors must do everything in their power to avoid being a target of a simple crime.

Additionally, very few serious crimes occur in Switzerland. However, the minor crimes that do happen target mainly tourists and focus on tourist attractions in larger towns and cities.

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So here you have it, our pick of the 20 best places to visit in Switzerland. Let us know how your experience of traveling around Switzerland was or which place you would like to visit in the comments below.

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