Best treks in the world

List of top 20 best treks in the world

Choosing among the best treks in the world wasn’t easy. There are many factors such as the difficulty of the trek, the length of the trek, the cost of the trip, the safety factor, the popularity of the trek among tourists, and the beauty of the destination. Trekking makes you unwind from the hustle and...
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Safety tips for trekking in Nepal

Six crucial safety tips for trekking in the Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal

Trekking in the Himalayas is undoubtedly a rewarding and memorable experience. Several trekkers visit Nepal time and again for some slow-paced long hikes in rugged trails complemented by spectacular and unforgettable mountain views. However, even though trekking in Nepal is a wonderful experience, it can also be a dangerous and life-threatening experience if you are...
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Ang Rita Sherpa

Ang Rita Sherpa- The Snow Leopard

Table of Contents Ang Rita Sherpa – The mountaineer who was famously known as the ‘Snow Leopard’Ang Rita Sherpa: Earlier daysAng Rita Sherpa: FamilyAng Rita Sherpa: CareerAng Rita Sherpa: Mountain ExpeditionsAng Rita Sherpa: Alcohol problemsAng Rita Sherpa: Life after retirement Ang Rita Sherpa – The mountaineer who was famously known as the ‘Snow Leopard’ Ang...
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Best season to travel in Nepal

Best Season to Travel in Nepal

Nepal is a country blessed with unique landscapes. Millions of travelers from around the world visit Nepal with the hopes of seeing those majestic mountains, green hills, and wild lowlands with their own eyes. Nepal’s geography and climate are complex, and there is no right time to explore the country. Good weather plays a big...
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Kami Rita Sherpa- World record for climbing mount everest 24 times

Kami Rita Sherpa – The Sherpa who has climbed Mt. Everest 24 times

Climbing Mt. Everest just once is a lifetime achievement in itself, considering that the journey to the highest summit is not only costly but also dangerous. However, Kami Rita Sherpa, a professional guide and a mountaineer, went against all the odds and has climbed the world’s highest summit more times than anyone else in the...
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How to plan an Everest Base Camp Trek

How to plan an Everest Base Camp Trek

Nepal is considered the ultimate adventure destination. It is home to diverse cultures and landscapes. It takes pride in housing the mighty Mount Everest, and since you are here, I’m guessing you are looking forward to planning your epic adventure journey to the world’s highest trekking destination– Everest Base Camp. Everest Base Camp Trek offers...
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best trekking destinations in Nepal

Top 10 best trekking destination in Nepal

Nepal, a country blessed with the majestic Himalayas, diverse landscapes, and culture. It is an adventurer’s playground. The country provides a wide range of outdoor activities like mountaineering, rafting, jungle safari, ziplining, and more, but trekking is one activity that Nepal is most famous for. Nepal invites more than 200,000 trekkers every year to explore...
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Benefits of trekking

12 best benefits of trekking you should know

Trekking is an activity that involves going on a long journey by foot, and a journey like that comes with struggles that will always feel ‘worth it’ after you reach your destination and see the spectacular views that leave you in awe. To witness natural beauty, flora and fauna, or gorgeous landscapes take perseverance and...
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Tenzing Norgay- The first sherpa to climb Mt. Everest

Tibetan by birth, Nepalese through work, and Indian by choice, Tenzing Norgay is a name that is known far and wide for his expedition to the world’s highest peak- Mount Everest. Tenzing Norgay was born in Tshechu, Tibet, to Ghang La Mingma and Dokmo Kinzom. Tenzing Norgay, also called Tenzing Norkay by some, was born...
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