In today’s world, women are becoming increasingly independent and free. She is not afraid to go out on her own. As a result, there has been a rapid increase in the number of women traveling solo.

However, it has been a subject of debate for years now. Even with women’s strides in society, many believe that it is not safe to travel alone for women. And while it’s true that there are risks to traveling alone, you can put these fears to rest with a bit of research.

Traveling solo is an exciting opportunity to connect with yourself profoundly and meet some really great people along the way.

Benefits of traveling alone for female

Despite the unique challenges of solo travel for women, there is great news: these can be overcome. The following are the advantages of traveling alone:

  1. Solo travel allows you to confront the challenges of traveling alone, improving both your resilience and confidence in many aspects of life. After completing the trip, you will feel empowered as you face your fears!
  2. In addition to getting you to think about yourself and what matters to you, it can bring about a deeper understanding of yourself. It’s a great way to discover yourself and do what you want, when you want; self-discovery at its best!
  3. One of the most significant advantages of traveling alone is the freedom to do whatever you wish. It means that if you want to wake up late, stay out late, or even sleep in – nobody will stop you! You can go at your own pace – no one is waiting for you.
  4. Do what you want – you can be spontaneous and go at your speed. There is no limit to how far you can travel or how much restricted travel you can do within a country. This gives you the option to see and experience new places.
  5. You can live out your dream of spending some time alone; this is something many women feel they don’t have enough time for in their busy lives!
  6. Meeting new people, gaining exposure to other cultures, and having public relations are perks of the job.
  7. It’s often easier to be more creative when you’re traveling alone. You can try new things that you might not do with other people and learn about new cultures from people who are open to the idea of traveling by themselves.

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Safety tips for women on traveling solo

Since solo women’s travel has become more popular, many businesses have flourished, and locals have benefited as well. But, unfortunately, there are lots of criminals waiting for opportunities to harm you because of their low-life greed.

There are people with sinister motives in the world, and the world is a dangerous place. As a result, keeping yourself safe and trusting becomes challenging. However, there is no need to worry: by taking a few simple precautions, you can stay safe no matter the situation.

Here are some tips that will help you travel safely as a solo woman traveler:

1. Research your destination

Learn as much as you can about the places you will be visiting before you go. First, see the crime statistics for the country. Then, afterward, do some research to find out how common crime is in the area. You can learn from other travelers’ experiences by reading travel blogs and forums.

If you plan on visiting a foreign country, I suggest using social media to find out about possible dangers, too.

2. Be smart about your surroundings

benefits of solo women travel

When you’re traveling solo, you are more vulnerable than if you were with a group or with a partner. So make sure that you know where the exits are in any building you enter, and try to get to know the people who work there to help keep an eye on things while you’re not in the room/area.

Check your surroundings for anything out of place.

3. Trust your instincts

Solo woman traveler should trust their instinct for safety. When you do, you avoid over-planning trips and taking too many unnecessary risks. Women solo travelers should also consider using forums like Reddit’s traveling community for advice on how basic travel essentials like transportation, food, and safety can be found even in countries offline.

If something feels like it’s not right, it probably isn’t. Don’t stick around too long if you feel like something is off. Trust your instincts and get out of the situation. Don’t worry about what others think of you, because it’s your safety that is most important. You can try to make small talk with the locals if you want, but if you feel like something is off and it’s time to go, then do so immediately.

4. Pack light

The best way to remain safe when traveling solo is to pack light. The more you carry with you, the more likely it is that someone will try to steal your luggage or pickpocket you.

Ensure that your bag is locked when you use it and only carry what you absolutely need during your travels.

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5. Don’t drink too much

Always research before going out to make sure that you’re going to a reputable bar and not one known for being a hotspot for crime. Drinking too much alcohol will make you less likely to defend yourself if someone attacks you.

Try to limit yourself to two drinks if you’re going out drinking, and don’t drink too much more than that.

6. Never accept drinks or rides from strangers

Don’t accept those offers if you’re out at night or someone offers you a ride or something to drink. If possible, it’s best to go home after the bars close instead of being propositioned by strangers late at night.

If someone buys you a drink and starts flirting, just smile and thank them for the drink but decline any further interaction.

7. Stay away from sketchy areas of town

The best way to remain safe when traveling solo is to avoid going to sketchy places in town. If you live in a city area, try to avoid partying in isolated areas. Clubs and bars on the outskirts of town are usually filled with people who want nothing more than to mug you.

The best option to save yourself from being a victim of a crime is to never walk alone at night. A single person walking on a dark street at night can be seen as an easy target for thieves and other criminals who might be lurking around looking for their next victim.

Don’t ever let your guard down, and never assume that you’re safe just because there are other people around you.

8. Stay in reputed accommodation sites

Stay in reputed hostels and hotels to stay safe when you travel alone. Reputed means that they have good reviews on the internet because people talk about them tell stories about their experiences.

They’re often affiliated with big travel companies like Hostelworld or Couchsurfing.

You can also find out about it by checking out their reviews on Trip Advisor or Google Reviews.

9. Hire a tour guide

solo women travel safety

Hiring a tour guide can be a great way to stay safe when traveling as a solo woman.

The guides will help you navigate through unfamiliar sites and make sure you have an enjoyable experience on your trip. If you’re not going to be on your own for very long at all (like one night), then hiring a tour guide can be the best option.

10. Get a travel buddy or join a woman travel group

Whether traveling solo or with friends and family, it can be daunting to venture abroad alone. For solo travelers, booking at least one activity in advance will help you. Traveling with women can be a great way to make friends. Having others to travel with can keep you safe and help you enjoy your trip more.

11. Stay connected with your friends and family

The best way to stay connected with friends and family is through social media. The total amount of information available on these sites and the ease users have while sharing has made them the natural choice for staying in touch.
Share your itinerary with your family and friends and let them know if there are any changes via email or call. Also, update your whereabouts on social media so that your close ones can come to find you if you go missing.

12. Get a local SIM card for your phone

Get a local SIM card for your phone. If you’re going to be in a different country for any length of time, it’s probably worth getting one of these.

Getting a SIM card can help you contact travel guides or emergency services. You can use internet services and stay connected with your close ones while being out and about.

You could also use Skype or FaceTime using Wi-Fi until you get a local SIM card.

13. Learn the emergency numbers of the country

Learn the emergency numbers of the country and make sure you know how to contact them. Knowing these numbers can come in handy when you are in trouble and need immediate help.

14. Use public transport only as the last resort

Public transport can’t be your first choice of travel, but don’t let it ruin your day if you have no other option. It all comes down to the level of care you put into your safety and security.

If you are traveling solo and need to get somewhere, putting your safety first calls for knowing which rides to avoid! Taxis are always a safe bet until and unless you are using an online app service like Uber.

Apps such as Uber can monitor you and the driver’s status and provide safety even if it means using the service at night.

If you have no option but to use the local taxi, look out for drivers going on about their day or those who are not too enthusiastic about taking you places. Such drivers would not have any evil plans to rob you.

Plus, another tip: When using public transport, always keep quiet and don’t talk to strangers.

15. Don’t attract unwanted attention

Travelers should always behave and act in a way that will not draw any unwanted attention.
That means you not doing street dancing or pranks in countries where they are frowned upon.

Street dancing and pranks are frowned upon in many parts of the world, and it’s best to stay away from those places if you’re going to be on your own (unless you’re planning on dressing up as a local). You don’t want to run into trouble with the locals or, even worse, be recognized and have your photo taken and posted on the internet.

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16. Respect the culture

Respect the culture of the place you are traveling by dressing appropriately and not speaking badly about the people’s ways. Remember that you’re the guest, and you have to act according to the place you’re traveling to rather than doing whatever you want.

When you are visiting holy sites, always cover up and don’t overexpose your skin.

17. Cary a decoy wallet

Don’t flash around large amounts of cash because this is a surefire way to attract trouble. Sometimes criminals can pose as helpful strangers who offer to help you carry your bags or backpacks and steal them away.

To save yourself from such a situation, carry a decoy wallet to put a small amount of cash. Then, carry the necessary amount of money inside your innerwear. Then, when the robbers ask you for money, hand them the decoy wallet and save yourself.

Never carry large cash in hand.

18. Carry defense weapons

Women should always carry pepper spray or a stun gun because they are the best weapons against street harassment. These devices are portable and efficient but pack an incredible amount of power against anyone who might try to harm you.

You can also carry a whistle. You can blow it to alert the people nearby you if you come across a dangerous situation. This way, you can save yourself from harm if something happens on your trip (whether it’s personal security issues or not).

19. Make copies of your important documents

You should never carry the original version of your essential documents, such as your passport, visa, or birth certificates. Carry its copies.

You will save yourself a big deal in case your bag gets stolen by thieves.

20. Carry a map, compass, or GPS

Carry a map, compass, or GPS. These essentials come in handy, especially when traveling to places where you don’t know your destination and have no means of asking for help or directions.

If you’re lost, these will come in handy, and they’ll also help you find your way back to your hotel.

21. Keep your suitcase locked

Always keep your suitcase locked. You’ll never know who might be trying to steal what’s in there. You can lock your suitcase with a combination lock and keep the combination code in your phone. You can also buy a wire mesh bag protector.

If you’re sure that if there’s no chance of anyone trying to steal your bag, then you don’t need to do this.

anti theft bag
If you’re too lazy, buy an anti-theft bag. Metrosafe LS250 is an excellent Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag that has zipper security and is cut-resistant.

So now that you know all about solo women’s travel and how to stay safe during your trip, it is time for you to choose a destination and start planning for it.

Remember, ladies, as long as you are confident, alert, and determined to complete your trip and gain the best memories of your life, you will be fine.

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