There is no stronger bond than the bond between families. This bond ties people together with invisible strings of love and care. People often travel with their families to create happy memories.

Family vacations abroad aren’t just happy memories. It is also an opportunity to teach your children about the outside world. Introducing young people to different cultures, foods, and lifestyles makes them more grounded and aware.

Now, what makes a family vacation memorable, especially for the little humans? The answer could be a fun amusement park, sunbathing on beaches, or safaris in an exotic land!

It doesn’t take much to entertain kids as they are easily distracted. But that doesn’t mean you should not put any thoughts into the trips and take them somewhere random. Choose a place where they will not only have fun but also learn new things.

Now I know it can be tricky to pick a perfect place to take your kids on vacation, so I have compiled a list only for you! Hop on as I take you to the ten fun places where your kids would love to go on a vacation.

1. Rome, Italy

Italy is a must-visit place for you and your kids. The site is full of rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. Kids nowadays have a keen interest in the medieval age because of their big hype in Hollywood.


The city is full of attractions and unique places for kids. The glorious battlefields, mythical gods, and bone-crushing weapons are enough to draw attention.

Read the kids an age-appropriate book about ancient Rome before visiting. It will give them an idea about figures like Maximus and their wars. The old Roman lifestyle and their stories will make the kids more excited about the tour.

Cala Goloritzé

Outside the cities, there are beaches for the whole family to enjoy and take a dip. One of the famous beaches among tourists is Cala Goloritzé. It is south of Cala Biriola in Sardinia.

To reach this cliff, studded with soft sands and limestone, you will have to take a 90 mins hike from the nearest road. Cala Goloritze is a UNESCO heritage site.

The crystal clear water provides a perfect snorkeling scenario. So, do not forget to bring your swimsuits while visiting the beach.

Acquafredda di Maratea Beach is another famous beach for your family to relax. The crystal blue water and gray sand are perfect for your kids to make sandcastles and swim.


Eating out is one of the joys of visiting Italy. This country has some of the best cuisines and dishes in the world. Since pizza is every kid’s favorite, they will get to taste the best here.

You can find many Pizzerias throughout the country. Different places serve different styles of pizzas. The pizzas in Italy are different from American pizzas, and you will never forget the taste.

Even a simple pasta with olive oil and parmesan is sure to hit the spot. The parents can get a variety of wines from Italy’s different wine regions. Italy is one of the oldest wine-producing nations in the world.

If you plan to spend time in the coastal areas, I suggest you visit from June to early September. It is when the beaches are not too crowded, and the prices are just right.

Likewise, spring is an ideal time to visit the countryside. It is the time when beautiful greeneries enrich the scenery.

2. Nairobi, Kenya

If your kid is a Lion King fan and an adventurer from heart, traveling to Nairobi, Kenya, would be a dream come true. It might sound a little daunting to travel to Kenya with kids, but it is not.

Kenya is an excellent destination for adventurous families as it is full of fun places and activities for kids. With the right plans and taking comfort as a priority, you can have fantastic family time in Kenya.

The wildlife and the landscape is something the kids will remember for their lives. But, remember to get the required vaccinations before heading to Africa.

Nairobi National Park

The world-class park, Nairobi National Park, offers the best wildlife and natural beauty. It is a famous rhino sanctuary that has been protecting many endangered animals.

Nairobi Park is home to animals like rhinos, tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, etc.

Other than animals, this park also sustains around 400 different bird species. Your kids will learn plenty about animals and birds from this one park alone. The under-canvas safari experience in this park is something they will enjoy the most.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Don’t forget to take your kids to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. It is an elephant orphanage.

This sanctuary takes care of the baby elephants that are orphans and cannot survive in the wild. And while you’re at it, take them to The Giraffe sanctuary. It is a must-visit place that your kids will truly enjoy.

Masai Mara

Another adventurous place for the little people would be Masai Mara. The safari in this region is a must. The landscape and natural beauty you’ll witness here is magnificent.

Masai is also famous for its vast population of predators like lions, leopards, and African bush elephants. You will get to go on a supervised safari and see these animals up close. Other places you can take your kids to are:

  • Crescent Island Naivasha Day Tour
  • Ol Pejeta Conservancy Private Day Tour
  • An afternoon tour to Bomas of Kenya

3. Dubai

When we think of Dubai, immediately fancy cars, skyscrapers, and fantastic nightlife pop up. And, you might wonder if it is an excellent place to take kids on vacation.

Let me tell you, Dubai is an absolute must-visit place, especially for little kids. There are plenty of activities for your kids in Dubai. From theme parks to water fountains, there are many attractions for your kids.

Dubai, Fountains

One of the major attractions for your kids is the Dubai fountain at the Center of Downtown Dubai. This choreographed fountain system is set to perform with light and music.

The magnificent performance takes place every 30 minutes, from 6 pm to 10 pm on weekdays. On other days, it starts at 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm. Your children will get thrilled to see the mega performance put up at the fountains.


Legoland is another exciting place for kids in Dubai. If your kids are fond of legos, it will be an exhilarating experience for your kids. This mega-sized theme park is just a 15mins drive from Al Maktoum Airport.

Upon your arrival at the theme park, your kids can choose from four different theme lands. The themes are Imagination, Kingdom, Adventure, and Lego city. The adventures in these theme lands are set up as your kid’s age so that you will find activities for every age.

Your kids can do a boat trip and even a submarine experience inside Legoland. You can spend an entire day at this theme park.

Likewise, if your kid’s age is between 1 and 4, the Legoland water park is the place to be. There are water slides and shallow pools for your toddlers to play in.

The lazy river is one of the major attractions. Here you can make your raft and set out on a journey in the lazy river.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. The 828m high skyscraper always catches kids’ interest.

You can see this architectural wonder from anywhere in Dubai. Kids will get the thrills when they reach the 125th floor to the lookout deck and look over the beautiful city.

Mall of the Emirates

Dubai is an architectural wonder of humankind. The buildings here are tall and beautiful. One such building is the extravagant Mall of the Emirates.

On a hot day, you and your kids can visit Ski Dubai, located inside the mall. It feels like you are in the middle of the Alps doing fun snow activities. You can choose from a lot of activities.

Your kids can enjoy activities such as bobsledding, zorbing, snow tubing. The kids are sure to have the time of their life. There is a super cool playing area for the kids with bump cars and many other fun activities.

The necessary entry ticket comes with all the needed snow clothing except for gloves. For comfort, you can bring your pair of clothing while you pack.

Miracle garden

Miracle garden is another beautiful place to visit and to take your kids along. This garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. At night time, the park comes alive with an extravagant lighting display.

The scorching heat in the warmer months tends to kill the flowers, so the garden opens seasonally.

4. Bali, Indonesia

If you are looking to go to Asia, you should start with beautiful Indonesia. It is the perfect place for your kids to experience a new culture.

Leaving home and visiting places with different cultures help kids know how contrasting the world is. It teaches them to respect everyone.

However, Indonesia is not only about culture and tradition. There are tons of fun activities for your kids to enjoy. The beaches and water parks will surely give them memories they will never forget.

Bali Zoo Gianyar

Bali Zoo Gianyar is one of the most prominent zoos in the world. Here your kids can get close to 350 different species of animals. The list includes some rare animals such as the orangutan, Sumatran tiger, and sun bear.

There are several activities offered by the zoo to entertain your kids. The zoo offers a unique breakfast session with friendly orangutans. The keeper takes the sessions and gives tours to help kids discover and learn more about animals.

There is also a petting zoo program where you and your little ones can pet baby animals such as rabbits, Timor deer. There is also a water play for your kids after a day of strolling around the zoo.

Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is another excellent destination for your kids. This enormous water park is ranked as one of Asia’s top water parks by Trip Advisor. There are 13 types of thrilling and fun rides for your kids and you as well.

You cannot bring food inside. But, you can get a menu of different sandwich options, snacks, hot dogs, and even international food. If the parents want to chill out while their children are on the rides, they can look out for various beer options.

The Bali submarine tour gives kids friendly submarine tours. Kids will get hyped for this tour as they will get to explore the underwater world and see the marine life up close. This submarine tour takes place at Amuk beach on the east part of Bali island.

Similarly, Amuk Bay is very famous for water sports because of the less traffic. And the underwater life is well preserved and not crowded with visitors.

Nusa Dua Bali

If you and your family are planning to stay in a luxurious resort, Nusa Dua Bali is well-known for luxury resorts. There is a restaurant called Pirate Bay Bali that is a kid-friendly place to visit.

All the themes there surround a pirate culture, and kids love it. There are activities for the whole family. Sign up for a bounty hunter task that lasts about two hours.

It will be an adventurous game for you and your kids.

Taman Nusa Bali

Now, if you want your little ones to learn about the culture, then take them to Taman Nusa. Here kids can learn all about the local culture and history of Bali.

This cultural park also gives general information about Indonesia’s several ethnic groups. There is also a natural hot spring, Kintamani, where you and your kids can relax after a long tour.

5. Miami, Florida, USA

Miami makes us think about sandy beaches, palm trees, and nightlife. But, Miami has so much to offer for kids.

Sunbathing on gorgeous beaches is a great way to spend your day, especially for adults. But in Miami, the little ones won’t get bored because of the abundance of activities.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

The first thing to talk about in Miami is the beaches, considered the American beach culture hub. The Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is home to one of America’s top beaches.

The historic lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks in the area. It is the oldest standing structure in Miami – Dade County. Your kids will love to visit this ghostly lighthouse and be curious about its long history too.

For food, there are two authentic Cuban cuisine restaurants in the area. The little ones will be very excited to taste a different cuisine here.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is the biggest zoo in Florida and is home to over 500 species of animals and birds. Your young ones will get thrilled to be closer to wild animals. They can even feed some of the animals, such as giraffes, under supervision.

You can take them on a fun camel ride and roam inside this 340-acre zoo. Other options include a river ride by boat or taking a tram tour for exploring. There is so much for kids to do in this vast zoo.

Miami children’s museum

Miami children’s museum is one of the largest museums in the country. It is focused on curious kids and has interactive exhibits to spark up their imagination.

The young ones can play pretend cruise ships, grocery stores, or other setups. Such games help young kids to be more creative and confident.

Everglades National Park

The little travelers can have a great time exploring the Everglades National Park. This national park stretches across 1.5 million acres over southern Florida. It is home to many flora and fauna, including crocodiles, alligators, panthers, etc.

Along with getting close to nature, the park rangers have a series of activities set up. Kids aged 3-13 can take part in these activities. To boost their confidence, they get rewarded with a patch and a certificate from the park rangers.

It is a great travel plan for you and your kids to learn more about nature and wildlife. Visiting Miami will help your children learn much about Latin culture and food. Miami even has the nickname the “Capital of Latin America.”

You can taste authentic Cuban food here as the Cuban community fills the west area of the downtown. It is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about Cuban culture and tradition there.

6. Hawaii

With pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, aquatic life, and mighty volcanoes, Hawaii is a perfect getaway. There are many fun activities for your kids in Hawaii. They will surely not complain about getting bored here.

There are plenty of options.

Maui Ocean Center

This aquarium falls under the top 10 best aquariums in the world. Your kids will feel like they have dived into the deep blue sea while exploring the aquarium. They can witness an endless array of aquatic life native to the area.

Sea turtles, sharks, colorful fishes, and stingrays are on display here at the aquarium. Kids can go for a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium labs. They can have a virtual encounter with the virtual humpback whales at the 3d spheres.

There is a lot to do in the Maui Ocean Center. You can plan to spend a whole day here as there are restaurants and restrooms at the aquarium. You can visit the aquarium’s gift shop to bring back souvenirs.

Pearl Harbor

If you are visiting Oahu, be sure to check out the Pearl Harbor tours. Introduce your children to one of the most critical events in history. Be sure to inform them about the world war to increase their general knowledge and curiosity.

Your kids will get to learn what happened that forced America into the world war. Each tour begins with a short documentary highlight of the attacks on pearl harbor. Then, you can look around the area where the American navy battleships sank.

It is an informative tour for the kids, which they will love for sure.

Kahala Hotel and Resort

Be sure to stay in the Kahala Hotel and Resort as it has engaging activities for your kids. Here you can come close and even swim with the dolphins which the children will surely enjoy.

There are a variety of programs like kids’ aquatic adventures designed for children age 5-9. A Dolphin adventure program is also another option.

Children can learn about dolphins and even know how to train marine animals in the Oahu Marine Mammal Trainer programs. The little ones will indeed have the time of their life at this resort.


You can learn much about Hawaiian culture, tradition, dance, and food in Oahu. You can take part in a luau, a Hawaiian feast accompanied by entertainment such as music and dance.

Children can take part in traditional games and learn traditional Polynesian dances. Your children will get excited to taste unique Hawaiin cuisines. The food here consists mostly of ingredients from the island itself.

The local people take hospitality very seriously and make your stay at Oahu feel like home.

7. Tokyo, Japan

Safe, clean, and full of adventures that give your kids a sense of wonder is Japan’s capital city, Tokyo. Tokyo has lots of theme parks, and the people are amicable. If your kids are into ninjas, samurais, and giant robots, Tokyo is the perfect place to visit.

Samurai Museum Shinjuku

Many children may resist a visit to the museum, but they will flip for the samurai museum. It is an interactive museum preserving the culture of centuries-old samurai warriors. Your kids will get to witness an epic sword fight demonstration in the museum.

While dressing in samurai armor and watching live events, your kids won’t realize how much they have learned.

Ghibli Museum, Manga Stores, and Video Game Parlors

Tokyo is a dream come true for kids who cannot take their heads off arcade video games. Club Sega is the place to be for a substantial arcade experience. It is in several locations, and all of them are equally extraordinary.

Japan is the hub of anime manga. This genre of comics has taken over the world with classics such as Dragon Ball Z and One-Piece. Kids would enjoy visiting one of these manga stores and get their favorite manga.

The city is full of manga and anime stores that sell props. Your children will love to have a token from mangas and Japanese anime.

Studio Ghibli is an animation studio often compared to Disney. The company has produced classics such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

The museum of the same name Ghibli is a place for kids of all ages. The studio contains a lot of sculptures and props from the movies. Kids will have a great time visiting the site.

If you need a place to replenish, a Straw Hat cafe serves cakes, juices, etc.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the main attractions for the kids visiting Tokyo. The resort consists of two theme parks, four Disney hotels, and six non-Disney hotels. You will be having a lot of choices for accommodation.

The children can participate in various activities offered in the parks. They can also walk and interact with different Disney characters.

There are many restaurants serving quality food here in the resort.

The resort also has a shopping complex where you can take your kids to shop. Be sure to check out the Bon Voyage souvenir shop. The little travelers would love to get their hands on some official Disney goods.

8. India

There are few countries in the world like India. This magical land never seems to disappoint its visitors. It is famous for its unique and diverse culture, traditions, and food.

Your kids will experience this nation like something they have never experienced before. India is a country full of colors. Everywhere you go, you will see something unique in this land.

Different from western culture, a visit to India will surely be a positive exposure for your kids.

Agra, Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a must-visit place for any family visiting India. It is a wonder of the world situated on the bank of the Yamuna river. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built this ivory-white marble wonder in the memory of his wife.

Your kids will be happy to know the history behind the magnificent architecture. They will learn the history of this beauty while seeing it through their eyes. It took two thousand elephants and twenty-two thousand artisans to complete the structure.

Be sure to see the sunrise or sunset as they are the best here. See how the marble changes color with the sunlight. The sight will be a once in a lifetime experience which your kids will never forget.

Jaipur, The elephant village

Jaipur is famous for its forts, vibrant culture, and elephants that attract kids the most. There is an elephant village near the Amber Fort for you to visit.

Your kids can get close and interact with elephants. They will get excited to learn the basics of elephant language and command them with those words.

Kids can learn different facts about animals, including their favorite food and eating habits. Try bathing with the elephants. Your kids will be full of excitement to see how interactive these large mammals are.

Kashmir, Ski Resort

India is a hot country. But, it does touch parts of the Himalayas as well. Kashmir is in the northmost part of India.

Your kids will feel like they are visiting Alaska, seeing the climate and environment, and so will you. There is a ski resort situated at the foothills of the Himalayas.

The Gulmarg ski resort is also known as Asia’s top ski resort. Kids will have various snowsports to choose from skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or making a snowman.

Jaisalmer, Camel Safari

Riding through the arid Thar desert, Jaisalmer is the place to take your kids on a camel safari.

Let the kids go on a quick safari and return on the same day. You can plan on camping a night there to see the majestic views of the stars. It is a perfect way to expose your little ones to the rural desert life.

You can also teach the kids how people survive in the harshest conditions in the desert. Be sure to taste the exquisite cuisines Jaisalmer has to offer.

9. Australia

Australia is a great country to visit with your kids. The nation provides a variety of attractions for both adults and kids. From animals to mountains and beaches, there is a lot to choose from in Australia.

Phillip Island

Take your kids to Phillip Island. They will truly enjoy this place as it provides an opportunity for them to learn about penguins. Here your kids can watch penguins in their natural habitat.

You can take your little ones on a hike around the prominent headland. There they can watch different species of birds and penguins. At dusk, you can go to the beachside with your loved ones to see the sunset.

Perth, Monkey Mia

Kids love dolphins! Here at Monkey Mia Reserve, your kids can come face to face with the local bottlenose dolphins. The reserve offer program allows you and the kids to get close to the dolphins.

Enjoy feeding the dolphins as they jump in and out of the water doing all kinds of performances. The kids will get very excited to have this experience.

But remember, you can feed only a limited amount of food. The staffs want the dolphins to forge their large meal so that they still have wild instincts.

Port Douglas, Great Barrier Reef

No trip to Australia is complete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the most beautiful and most significant coral reefs known to humankind. Your kids will be very excited to visit the marine creatures in their natural habitat.

Many activities suit the little ones here. Some are submarine tours, cruise trips, and snorkeling.

If your kids cannot swim, there is an underwater observatory. There they can watch fishes without needing to get into the water.

Some companies provide submarines that venture out to the reef’s lagoon for extra viewing. Kids will love this experience for sure.

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

This cultural park is 15 minutes north of Cairns, Australia. This area has conserved the Aboriginal heritage.

It is an excellent opportunity for your kids to learn while traveling. Here they will learn about the Aboriginal people and their ways of living.

The park demonstrates their traditional dance, spear throwing, and boomerang throwing. Your kids can take part in the campfire.

Children can also get conventional face paints and learn Aboriginal songs.

10. Germany

Germany will seem like a country straight out of a storybook for your kids. Castles, medieval towns, and mythical parks will surely spark your kids’ curiosity.

Germany is home to brother Grimm and all of their fairy tales. The fairy tale list includes the famous Little Red Riding Hood. The interactive museums and big water parks make Germany a must-travel destination.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau

Located in the Bavarian Alps, this castle was the model for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. If your kids love Disney’s fairytales, this is a must-visit place for them. The trip might also prove to be an educational tour.

If your kids don’t want to take a hike to the top of the hill where the castle is, you can take a horse carriage to the top. We highly recommended an interior design tour. You will come across the throne room with a gorgeous chandelier.

It would be fascinating for the young kids to see things they have only heard about in the books.

Europa Park

Located in Southwest Germany, this is the largest theme park in Germany. It is also the second most popular theme park in Europe.

It offers 13 different theme lands dedicated to European architecture, food, and culture. Your kids can have a fantastic time and learn about European culture along the way.

Be sure to check out the Minimoys Kingdom and Grimm’s Enchanted Forest. These areas have rides and immersive exhibits. It will arouse your kid’s excitement level to the fullest.

This theme park has several exciting things for your kids, and it boasts more than 100 rides. Remember to download the Europa park app and print the map before arrival, not to get lost. The app will help you know where to go in this vast park.

Deutsches Museum, Munich

If you are spending a day or so in Munich, you should visit the Deutsches Museum. It is one of the oldest and largest science and technology museums in the world. Apart from its collection of historical artifacts, there are many attractions for kids.

Your kids will love it here as they can experiment as little scientists here. Many activities are specially made for kids to increase their creativity level. There are many building blocks and ropes just for little kids.

Kids can participate, play, and use their creative sides to build stuff. The museum also has a giant mining exhibition. There they can learn about underground drilling equipment.

The memories of family vacations and holidays stay with people for their lifetime. That is why an occasional family trip is essential.

Keeping the kid’s enjoyment in check, I included all the places that your kids will enjoy traveling to. Some of these places are great for parents too!

If you want to check out a list of places to go for a family vacation, visit this link.

While traveling with kids, it is essential to take care of the surroundings first. Make sure the place you’re planning to go to is children-friendly. Adventures should be fun and memorable for kids.

We hope this was helpful for you guys. Please let us know which country you’ll be taking your little ones for the next vacation.

Happy Travel!

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