Planning out what you need to pack on your trip can be exciting yet also serve as a major headache. It feels like you need this, and that, and that too.

There are just so many things that can work as travel essentials for women. I mean, who wants to risk leaving the must-haves (which are basically EVERYTHING) at home, right?

Whether you are planning a relaxing vacation to the Italian beaches, having an adventure trek to the Everest Base Camp, or going on one of the best road trips in the world, packing certain items is always a good idea.

For this, I have covered all the travel essentials for women that will make your packing easier.
Keep reading to know all about it:

Travel Essentials for Women: Bags

Anti-theft travel purse

Ladies! It would be splendid if you had an excellent anti-theft travel purse to carry everything you’ll need while out on a day trip.

The anti-theft travel purse must have anti-theft features like a slash-resistant strap and body panels, lockdown strap, RFID-blocking pockets, and locking zipper closures. In addition, it will be better if it is durable, lightweight, and has water bottle holders.

Affordable laptop backpack

A laptop bag is one of the significant travel essentials for women as it also works as a personal bag during flights.

Laptop backpacks have two separate compartments: one for holding laptops up to 15.6 inches and another for keeping everything you need to survive a long flight.

It also has another front compartment where you can keep smaller items. Some laptop backpacks have a rain cover and a small anti-theft pocket too.

Travel Essentials for Women: Documents

Travel visa and passport

Whether you’re traveling within your home country or in a foreign land, it is a must to carry your identification documents such as a passport and visa.

travel essentials for women: travel documents

Driver’s license

You should also carry your driver’s license in case you lose your passport and need to show proof of citizenship while traveling in your home country.

Travel Insurance

Carrying a copy of your travel insurance certificate is a must. A travel insurance policy gives you peace of mind that in case something goes wrong, you will be financially covered.

Nowadays, most travel insurance companies use a mobile app to hold travelers’ insurance plan information.

You should also save the certificate that your insurer emails you.

Travel itinerary details

You may be someone who memorizes the itinerary or relies on your tour guide to explain everything to you. That is also fine. However, keeping copies of your itinerary in your luggage and on your phone will help you in difficult situations.

It may be if you’re lost somewhere, and you need to describe where you are, or while calling your travel insurance company for assistance on something. Having a travel itinerary works as a reminder too.

COVID-19 travel documents

Recently, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the traveling scene.

Governments of all countries have specified specific requirements to enter their country. It may vary according to the nation, but the one standard condition is proof of the negative COVID-19 test within a specified timeframe.

Carry the proof of negative COVID-19 result and proof of complete vaccination.

Travel Essentials for Women: Accessories


Sunglasses are a must on your accessories list of travel essentials for women.

You will need a pair of shades while strolling, hiking, or chilling on a beach. It will protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Water bottle

Hydration is a must to look and feel your best self, whether you are a man or a woman. So you need to keep on drinking water even while you’re traveling.

Carry a water bottle on your anti-theft backpack and drink when you feel the need to. It is even better if your water bottle is BPA-free, insulated, and is dishwasher safe.

Also, carry a purification table just in case you need to drink water from a stream or river.

Read how to clean water bottles here

Plastic storage bags

Carry plastic storage bags for everyday use like packing snacks and wet swimsuits.
You can also pack garbage to throw on the dustbins.

Sleep mask

If you can’t sleep without complete darkness, you need to carry a good-quality sleep mask.

Bucky Casual Sleep Mask is an adjustable mask that is ultra-light and is contoured for pressure-free eye comfort. It blocks out light and helps you wake up refreshed.

Another best feature about this sleep mask is that it has room for your eyelashes and doesn’t destroy your eye makeup.

Travel Essentials for Women: Clothing

Every woman has her fashion sense; however, some clothing items are a must to carry while traveling. Of course, it depends on your destination and time of the year.

Flip flops

Pack a pair of comfortable flip-flops that are also stylish enough to be worn out.
You can also wear it around your hotel room and slip it on quickly to go to a store.

Casual shoes

Get a pair of casual shoes that goes along with many outfits. Please make sure they are comfortable and lightweight.

It is even better if the shoes can be machine-washed.

Hiking shoes

Casual shoes are also suitable for exploring the city, but if you’re going on day hikes, a nice pair of hiking shoes will offer you good support.

Make sure your hiking boots are comfortable, waterproof, and great for uneven terrain.
You can check out how to choose hiking shoes here

Waterproof rain shell

Yes, you may have checked the best season to travel to your destination and have reviewed the weather, but you never know when the atmosphere may change, especially if you’re hiking in higher elevations.

For this, you need to pack a lightweight, waterproof raincoat with a hood. Also, make sure the raincoat is breathable.

Columbia Women’s Switchback Iii Jacket is the #1 women’s rain jacket that is versatile and stylish.

Down vest

It is a must to pack a down vest if you are going to a colder area or traveling during the winter season.

Down vests can be machine washed and tumble dried quickly. It will help you stay warm while hiking or exploring the city.

Waterproof jacket

There is a variety of waterproof jackets that you can choose from. Some are heavier, which are best to keep you warm while traveling in cold destinations; whereas, some are lighter, windproof, and help keep you dry.

It may not look as fashionable, but the right jacket is one of the travel essentials for women.

Long skirts or dresses

If you’re traveling somewhere for a summer vacation, make sure to pack clothes that will keep you cool. Add long skirts and dresses that will make you look pretty yet cool to your luggage.

Bear in mind that some nations require you to dress modestly. Make sure not to wear dresses that are too revealing. Long skirts will do well in religious or conservative countries.

Speaking of conservative countries; you may want to read about the safest places to travel solo for women too

Tank tops

Tank tops are a great option for women traveling during the summer season. Pack matchable tank tops that you can wear with different bottoms.

Your luggage won’t have to take up a lot of space with these, plus, they are lightweight.

Bikini or bathing suit

travel essentials for women: swim suit

If you love swimming or basking under the sun, it’s best to pack a swimwear or bathing suit with you.

Even if you’re hiking in the mountains, you will need swimwear to chill on the mountain resort’s jacuzzi.


Pack comfortable sandals that you can wear to go on a walking tour. Slippers like Birkenstock are super comfy and look great with dresses as well.

Travel Essentials for Women: Beauty and personal care

Makeup and toiletries are two things that take the most time while packing. There are just so many items that create a dilemma. But worry no more, I will help pack these personal care items for you.

Portable skin care kit

Buy your favorite skincare products in travel size. If you can’t find these in travel size, you can buy Portable Toiletry Containers for cosmetics.

They will be super handy and fit inside your carry-on bags.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

These are some personal care items that are essential when traveling. But, unfortunately, it is also the most forgotten one.

Purchasing one during your travel is no big deal. However, you may want to put these items at the top of your packing list if you’re particular about your toothbrush or toothpaste.

High SPF sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential skincare product not only for travel but also for a regular day.

You need to apply sunscreen lotion/spray every time before you go out. You can put your lotion on portable containers as well.

A sunscreen with high SPF protects your skin from harmful UV rays and lowers the chances of early aging.

travel essentials for women: shaved legs

Lip balm

Lip balm is a must, especially during long flights that make your skin dry with the AC air. Keep one in your backpack so you can use it whenever you want.

Makeup remover wipes

For ladies who love doing makeup every time they go out, NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES.

These wipes are dry clothes that are activated with water. These are an alternative to liquid cleansers and help you remove your makeup and keep your skin clean.

Olay has very nice hydrating facial makeup remover wipes that you can carry while traveling.

Wet wipes and tissues

Wet wipes are great to use while trekking, on a flight, on car rides, and in any other traveling situation. These also help remove your makeup.

Besides, wet wipes also help clean off sweat and dirt from your body, especially where you don’t have access to water.

Also, carry tissue paper to dry the wet areas.

Toilet seat covers

Toilet seat covers seem very glamorous to be on the travel essentials for women, but if you are a germophobe like me and feel grossed out to sit on a public toilet, you may want to carry seat covers on your day bag.


Traveling on a summer vacation calls for showing your legs on beautiful dresses without a care in the world.

It is best to carry a razor and extra blades with you when going on a long trip. You never know if the stores in foreign countries may or may not have the razor you usually use. So it is best to carry one yourself.


You should never go without hydrating your face and body, especially after shaving with a razor.
You must apply a moisturizer after spending long days in the sun.

Pack your favorite moisturizer or squeeze it in one of the portable bottles for the trip.

After-sun lotion

If you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors and have sensitive skin, you might want to use an after-sun lotion to prevent your skin from getting damaged. These lotions help soothe sunburn by moisturizing your skin.

Make sure your cream has aloe gel in it. I love this After Sun Pump Lotion from Banana Boat.

Nail clippers

Long trips or treks can feel uncomfortable if you have broken or chipped nails. For this, it is vital to have nail clippers and scissors in your backpack at all times.

Feminine hygiene products

As a woman, it is vital to take care of your hygiene even when traveling across the globe or inside your homeland.

The hygiene products you usually use may not be familiar on another side of the world. For example, if you use tampons or menstrual cups, buy them before flying to your destination, as many countries still aren’t familiar with these products and only use pads.

In the end, you don’t want your beach days to be ruined just because of your period.

It is even better to buy a menstrual cup/period cup as they are reusable and don’t require much packing.


Pack your favorite deodorant in your luggage. You can also carry a portable one in your anti-theft bag so that you’ll feel refreshed throughout the day.

Solid toiletries

This one is for the ladies who don’t want to pack too many liquid bags and keep toiletries to a minimum.

Solid toiletries are solidified versions of your essential personal care items such as shampoo, conditioner, sunscreens, and moisturizers.

It is better to carry a shampoo and conditioner bar than packing 100 ml of shampoo and conditioner. However, with liquid toiletries, you have to remain anxious, hoping they haven’t burst into your suitcase, causing a mess on your clothes.

Solid toiletries take up less space on your luggage and reduce plastic waste. Nothing better than traveling sustainably.

First aid kit

You must compulsorily have a small first-aid kit in your bag. It will prepare you in case of medical emergencies.

Your first aid kit must-have items like band-aids, bandages, cotton, pain relievers, alcohol wipes, gloves, and small scissors. If you have prescribed meds, you can also add them to your kit.

You can buy or make your own small first aid kit.

Hanging toiletry bag

If you want to keep these beauty and personal care items organized, you can buy a hanging toiletry bag. These bags don’t take up space as they are folded.

This Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag is waterproof, spacious, and has built-in pockets that keep things organized while looking trendy.

Travel Essentials for Women: Electronics

Traveling is meant to get yourself away from your gadgets and enjoy new places and experiences, but we can’t deny, the devices do keep us on a hook to what’s happening in the world.

Besides, they also keep us safe and connected with our loved ones back home. So it would be best if you always kept your electronics safe and charged. Here’s a list of electronic items that are travel essentials for women.


I suggest you never leave your mobile phone or smartphone while traveling as they are not just for calling and taking pictures, but for safety as well.

Turn on your location so that if you or your mobile phone is lost and you don’t know any of the directions or places, your guide or closed ones can come to find you by looking at your GPS signal.

You can also use google maps on your phone to check out the trails and directions to and from your destination.

Your mobile phone will also help you stay connected with your family back home.

Camera and camera accessories

Nowadays, phone cameras have leveled up in terms of camera quality too. However, if you want high-resolution photos of your trip, pack a camera with its accessories.

Most cameras have their own bags. Ensure that all the accessories such as the memory card, battery, and charger are packed.

It would be best if you carry a bigger memory card (128 GB) so that you don’t have to run out of space in the middle of a long trip.

Portable phone charger

Having your phone fully charged is a must while you’re traveling, be it for safety reasons or for taking photos.

Carry a portable charger in your backpack to make sure your device never runs out of battery. Anker Power Core 5000 Portable Charger and Anker Power Core 325 Power Bank are two of the best portable charges which are light and can charge more than one item at a time.

If you’re going on long treks, buying a solar-powered power bank that recharges itself is better. This way, you don’t have to search for electrical sockets while trekking in the woods.

Noise-canceling headphones

You will need noise-canceling headphones to zone out from the noise of passengers or other people at your hostel. However, if you are a heavy sleeper and don’t mind the noise, you can live without it.

But if you’re someone who hates noise, be it people talking or a baby crying, noise-canceling headphones are the way to go.

Travel Essentials for Women: Conclusion

I’m hopeful that this article on travel essentials for women has saved you time and assured you of what you need to pack for your next big trip.

I have covered on clothing to shoes, backpacks, and hygiene care. But, of course, there will be some items that you’d need and some you won’t.

My idea is to help you list out things that I, from my personal experience, have known to ensure a comfortable trip.

If there is any travel essential that I have forgotten to mention, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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