Asia is a continent composed of 50 different countries, many with diverse geography and inhabitants. It stretches from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern Indian Ocean and has an incredible variety of cultures. As a result, Asians are among the most widely traveled people on Earth, thanks to their diverse heritage, unique countries, and wonderful food.

Asia Weather and Climate: Generally, Asia has a hot and humid tropical climate, with temperatures averaging 81 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer season. However, places like Mongolia and Siberia have extreme climates, ranging from -40 to +95 degrees Fahrenheit! Therefore, in the winter months, warm clothes are a must!

Asia Language: Asia is a major hub for language. Due to its vast size, many languages and dialects are spoken in Asia. Chinese is the most widely spoken language, followed by Hindi, Urdu, and Malay. English is commonly taught in schools and universities in Asian countries. As a traveler, it is highly recommended that you brush up on your knowledge of basic greetings and use lots of body language to get your point across!

Asia History: The history of Asian countries is fascinating. The Chinese history of nearly 4,000 years is remarkable and is a staple of fiction, film, and other cultural treasures. Plagues, famines, wars, invasions… this story has a new chapter every day. India, one of the oldest countries in Asia, has a long history dating back nearly 5000 years. North Korea is a mysterious country with little history other than its recent past.

Asian Civilization: Asia is home to many ancient civilizations. The Silk Road, an ancient trade route, crosses Asia, connecting the West to the East. Ancient Asian cultures and countries like India, China, Japan, and Thailand all have rich and diverse histories. One of the most famous civilizations is the great ancient Indian civilization. Indian culture has influenced other countries like China, Japan, and others.

Asian Art: It’s no secret that Asian culture and art have a unique touch. Asia’s art, music, and architecture have long been used in the West to express ideas, emotions, and philosophies. Buddhist statues and artwork are a mainstay of Asia; Angkor Wat has the world’s largest collection of Buddhist art. Asian architecture is also nicely diverse; buildings from many distant lands are different yet beautiful.

Asian Cuisine: Asia is a land of incredibly diverse cuisine. For a Westerner, it is hard to pick just one favorite Asian food. In general, Asians like to grill their meat and eat more vegetables than Americans. However, don’t let that stop you from trying some of the more exotic dishes! From noodles and pizzas to curry and sushi, Asia has various foods sure to please all tastes!

Asia Travel Tips: 

While traveling in Asia, knowing the basics is helpful. So here are some tips on surviving and enjoying your time there!

  1. Pick up an international driver’s license before you go! You’ll need it for sure if you’re going on any road trips or moving around in cities.
  2. Pack snacks and water in your bags! You might get hungry during the day and have no access to food or drink. So always have plenty of them in your luggage!
  3. Wear layers, especially during the cold winter months! If it’s freezing outside, bundle up and enjoy it.
  4. Since Asian countries are filled with great street food, you should always be prepared to eat whatever is in front of you. But, if not, it’s fine to decline and wait for the next opportunity politely.
  5. Be ready to party and sing along! Karaoke is a major pastime in Asia, so pick up some songs and learn how to sing in an Asian language or imitate the melodies.
  6. Bring a camera everywhere, but don’t flash it around excessively until you get acclimated, or you might be met with hostility.

All in all, Asia has everything you crave in a holiday destination. It is a continent with world-class cities, but it also has a reminiscence of an ancient civilization. 

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